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Response to the DfE on a new College of Teaching

The College of Teachers has been very active in the call to create a new College of Teaching and, with the Prince's Teaching Institute, is a founder member of the Claim Your College coalition (see

The Claim Your College coalition has published its vision, implementation plan and proposal for start-up funding for the founding of a new chartered College of Teaching.

The proposal has been backed by a broad base of unions, subject associations, universities and many teachers and schools. The full list of supporters can be viewed at ( where you can also pledge your support for a voluntary, member-driven and independent College of Teaching.

The new proposed College of Teaching aims to benefit teachers by championing the status of the teaching profession by sharing knowledge and supporting professional development in order to help children and young people succeed.

Eugene Dapper, Head of Year in a London secondary school and Claim your College supporter, says: “We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the direction in which the profession is heading and to establish a clear vision that will help attract, develop and retain top teachers.

“Unless we take control of our destiny, the teaching profession will be a rudderless ship being blown off-course and arriving at a destination not of its own making or desire. A College of Teaching will elevate the profession to the status in which it should be regarded and ultimately help us serve children and young people better. Everyone needs to join the debate to make our voices heard and shape the new College of Teaching from the outset.”

The Claim Your College coalition has been initiated by the existing College of Teachers, the Prince’s Teaching Institute, the Teacher Development Trust and the SSAT in collaboration with practising teachers and school leaders.

To view the Claim Your College proposal, visit: The profession’s new College of Teaching: A proposal for start-up

Read the Claim Your College press release at: Claim Your College 100-strong coalition publish College of Teaching proposal



The College has been very active in the debate surrounding a new Royal College of Teaching. This work is being led by our new CEO and Registrar, Professor Angela McFarlane, supported by Professor Derek Bell as Chair of the Professional Committee. The College produced a special issue of its journal Education Today in Spring 2013, comprising a series of articles from key thought leaders across the profession.  They looked at the main issues surrounding a proposal for an independent professional body for educators. The issue also carried a declaration from the College of Teachers, agreed by our Membership, expressing broad support for such a body.

The College is a member of the Commission convened by the Prince’s Teaching Institute, which conducted a widespread consultation and published A new member-driven College of Teaching:  a Blueprint in February 2014.  The Blueprint may be accessed at:

In response to the Blueprint, we have had widespread debate among the College Membership, culminating in a discussion paper authored by our President, Professor Raphael Wilkins, and adopted by Council at its meeting on 7 June 2014. This paper takes the debate on a stage further and in particular examines the relationship to existing professional associations, international partnerships and the membership of beginning teachers and senior leaders.

One thing remains clear throughout this discourse: any independent chartered body must be of the profession, for the profession and run by its members.  As our next contribution the College will be organising a series of workshops to look in more detail at the role a professional body can play in the re-conceptualisation of professionalism in teaching.

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