GCSE results 2015: Boys catching up with girls as pupils opt for more digital-based courses

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 09:30
As hundreds of thousands of teenagers pick up their GCSE results, figures show gender gap is narrowing as boys catch up with girls

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GCSE results day 2015: C grades rise as A* marks fall for the 4th year in a row

The Independent - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 09:30

A rise in the number of top grade A* to C grade passes has been revealed on the day more than 600,000 teenagers receive their GCSE results.

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'GCSEs are important - this negativity isn't helpful'

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 09:00
We all want our exam system to be as effective as possible, but it is not helpful to question - and thereby devalue - the GCSE so publicly

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GCSE results day 2015: What to do if your grades aren't what you expected

The Independent - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 08:53

When you first look at your list of GCSE results, English and Maths are the key qualifications to look out for. Getting a C or above is great news, because even a C in these subjects is often requested as essential by sixth-form colleges, universities, and employers.

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How do I know if an apprenticeship is right for me?

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 08:30
Considering your options following GCSE Results Day? Apprenticeships offer a viable alternative to A-levels if you want to continue learning while earning

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GCSE results day 2015: What to expect and how to prepare for your grades

The Independent - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 08:15

If you’re collecting your GCSE results today, the date will probably mark the first time you’ve ever picked up formal exam results.

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GCSE results: 'Focus on academic success is too narrow'

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 08:00
Devoting so much time to academic subjects will restrict the time available for creative and technical disciplines

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Quiz: Are you as book smart as a GCSE student?

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 08:00
With thousands of expectant students set to receive their English GCSE results today, see how well you fare in our GCSE based book quiz

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GCSE Results Day: the changes explained

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 07:43
As almost 700,000 schoolchildren prepare to collect their GCSE results, we take a look at the reforms set to be introduced in September 2015

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Women gamers: Your industry needs you

BBC - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 06:06
One of the UK's top gaming bosses says he wants to see more women working in the industry.
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Head teachers also face results day nerves

BBC - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 03:37
Why nerves of exam results day are also felt by school chiefs
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GCSEs: Where are we up to with all the changes?

BBC - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 02:53
How are GCSEs changing? Questions about exams answered
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Students get new video games course

BBC - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 00:23
A qualification aims to plug creative skills gap in the video game industry
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Schools using community languages such as Urdu and Polish to boost their rankings in league tables, says leading academic

The Independent - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 00:10

Schools are using community languages such as Urdu and Polish to give themselves “an easy hit” to gain top grade GCSE passes and boost their rankings in league tables, a leading academic has said.

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2010 exam boycott comes back to haunt GCSE results

The Guardian Unlimited - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 00:01

Fall in top maths grades expected but overall performance difficult to calculate because a quarter of entrants missed key stage two tests five years ago

Schools in England are braced for a bumpy crop of GCSE results on Thursday, with this year’s performance given a degree of uncertainty by a widespread exam boycott that took place five years ago.

A fall in top maths grades is expected but the overall results have been made more difficult to calculate by the aftermath of action by teaching unions protesting against standardised testing.

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More migrants taking modern language GCSE in native tongue

Telegraph - Thu, 20/08/2015 - 00:01
But the number of GCSE entries for traditional modern languages, such as French and German, continues to decline

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