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Online courses

Online courses for teachers, trainers and support staff, offering a high-quality personalised study programme

The College of Teachers runs several interactive and relevant online distance-learning courses available through our Learning Centre. Whatever your role in your organisation, undertaking one of The College's courses will result in your developing sound knowledge and skills leading to an internationally recognised qualification.

A number of the Professional Development courses are at Level 2 leading to the College's Certificate of Professional Practice.

In other courses, participants can select the level they wish to achieve (from Level 2 to Level 5) when they register. The same comprehensive material is provided for all levels and the qualifications achieved are differentiated by the task outcomes for the particular level. Thus participants have the opportunity to negotiate an individual study programme by choosing the formative tasks which are relevant and required for the qualification level. These tasks are preparation for the final marked assignments with tutor feedback that ensures participants are supported to acquire the competencies needed to complete their study.

Leadership course for teachers and school leaders

Professional development courses

The courses are assessed and lead to a College of Teachers'

Certificate of Professional Practice (equivalent to Level 2); or 
Certificate of Educational Studies (equivalent to Level 3); or
Advanced Certificate of Educational Studies (equivalent to Level 4); or 
 (equivalent to Level 5).

Find out more about our Professional development courses.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

The courses are assessed and lead to a College of Teachers'

Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (equivalent to Level 6); or
Advanced Postgraduate Diploma of Educational Studies
(equivalent to Level 7).

Find out more about our Postgraduate courses.


For more information about our courses or to enrol by telephone call us on: 020 7911 5536 or use the contact form.

Please visit our Learning Centre if you are a registered candidate on one of our eLearning courses to participate on your course.

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