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Leadership course for teachers and trainers


Online leadership course for teachers and school leadersThis course will help develop your strategic leadership skills by introducing you to ideas and exercises through a range of experiences. Exposure to effective role models, developing familiarity with theoretical leadership models, personal reflection, feedback and the study of personal heroes who inspire you will allow you to expand on your existing skillset and develop your leadership strengths and skills.

This course is aimed at teachers and leadership teams in schools including senior and middle managers within a school or training organisation.

Background information

Management science emerged in the twentieth century following industrialisation but leadership has been a topic for discussion for thousands of years. Whether we think of military leaders in the past or business leaders of today both need to choose their staff well, they need to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour; they need to win the support of their people and to create strong alliances; they need to be industrious and wise. This Strategic Leadership Programme is designed to help you learn how to:

  • create strategy
  • plan
  • build morale
  • develop administrative expertise
  • form and maintain effective relationships
  • create alliances
  • build trust.

This programme will help you to develop these skills to make you more effective in your role and will help you to develop those people who report to you and without whom you cannot succeed.

Modules content

Leadership course modules

Course structure

There are six modules. Each module contains a number of topics and each topic is introduced and its relevance explained. There are exercises for you to complete and you may be encouraged to ask for feedback from appropriate people. Often there will be a questionnaire for you to explore your competence and to identify your development needs. You will be encouraged to set an action plan to develop an area of competence. You will also be encouraged to carry out the action plan and assess your level of success.

Benefits of this online course include:

  • Six modules delivered online
  • Tutor support
  • Complete online tasks and quizzes
  • Flexible timescale
  • Quick and easy access


The course home page
Quick wins
The difference between a manager and a leader

Course duration

The modules have been designed for you to work at your own pace, although it is expected that you will complete the course within 12 months. There may be an area that you are very competent in and you may only need to be reminded of good practice. There may be areas or subjects that are particularly challenging and you may want to spend some time developing your skills and testing yourself to your satisfaction.

Course accreditation

This course leads to a Certificate of Educational Studies (equivalent to NQF level 2) from The College of Teachers upon successful completion.

Course creation and delivery

National Inspections providers of content and tutor supportThis course is created in collaboration with The College of Teachers and National Inspections. The course content is developed and supported by National Inspections, a UK-based organisation that promotes good practice around the world, and is delivered and developed online by The College of Teachers.

Student Membership of The College

The course also includes Student Membership of The College for a duration of one year, which provides additional benefits such as online access to our Journal and Newsletter as well as online forums.

More information and telephone orders

For more information or to enrol by telephone call us on: 020 7911 5536 or use our contact form


Price: £300.00

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